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Original Cin's

Late Night Cafe

Original Cin's Late Night Cafe
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Sharing recipes, cooking ideas, good eats and good camaraderie!
Welcome to my place! Make yourself comfortable!

I love to create interesting foodstuffs late at night especially after being out at the club. I want to share my creations and ideas and hear others' too! Do you make a kickass breakfast for your roommates after a late night at the club? A closet gourmet only creating for yourself and your s.o.? Accomplished chef/professional that has a secret love for greasy spoon fare and has created awesome variations on favorites? Share your awesome meals here in pictures and words!

Craving something you just can't seem to find? Want to find a place that has it or how to make it yourself? Go ahead. I would love it if this also became a good networking tool!

Had an orgasmic late night snack/meal somewhere? Feel like sharing? Review and recommend a place you love here! Who cares where it is! You never know when you will be in Denver and your flight is canceled and you find yourself hungry at 2am;) Or in Edinburgh with 15 pounds in your pocket that has to last you for 3 days and that includes alcohol! Ack! (Well, I survived, so can you)